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How much power do I need?
So first you need to figure out how much power you will need each day. If you are camping with a 12V fridge this is likely to being the highest energy consumer. You can check your 12V fridge operating instructions or website for this information.

Solar panel kits are rated with a nominated Power Rating in Amps. This rating is a ‘per hour’ rating. You multiply this Power Rating by the number of hours of charging available per day and you have the amount of ‘Amphours’ available per day. So....


Solar Power (Amps / Hour) = Total Power Needed Each Day (Amp hours) / Charging Time (Hours)


You have a fridge and 2 LED lights that use 20Amp hours per day and you get 5 hours of sunlight per day for charging. You'll need at least 20/5 = 4 Amps / Hour capacity from Solar Panels.